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Betty Baxter's Miracle: The Day Jesus Healed a Crippled Girl  This is the most complete retelling of Betty Baxter’s story ever available in print.  It is the compilation of books, articles, and audio recordings of Betty’s sermons: Betty Baxter's complete testimony in her own words.  (edicion en Español)


This Book Includes: An appendix with medical commentary on Betty's condition before she was healed, and a foreword by Joseph W. Bergeron, M.D.

The Betty Baxter Story you are about to read is the greatest story I have ever heard. It is a drama of deliverance in our time ranking with the greatest miracles of the Bible. That a young girl, hopelessly crippled and deformed as the woman Jesus healed in Luke 13:10-13, could have the faith to believe Jesus would heal her, is a challenge to every person who has ever felt the awful power of sickness and disease.

Jesus appeared to Betty Baxter, talked with her, laid his nail-scarred hands on her twisted, matted spine and in a moment's time straightened her bent body and made her whole. It is a true story, occurring in Fairmont, Minnesota. The Fairmont Daily Sentinel carried the story of her healing in bold headlines on its front page.

You won't lay this story down until you have read it all. You will be crying and shouting for joy before you get through. Jesus of Nazareth, who healed Betty Baxter, will do something for you as you read. You won't be the same person anymore.


Oral Roberts

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