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Miracle Healing

Betty Baxter’s miracle is as dramatic as any recorded during the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  Betty suffered progressive spinal scoliosis, paralysis and heart failure.  By age fifteen she could not leave her home, confined either to a bed or chair and was too fragile to receive visitors.  She was dying.  Physicians had nothing to offer in terms of treatment. On August 24, 1941, when she was fifteen years of age, Jesus Christ visited her home and laid His hand on her curved spine. In the presence of multiple eyewitnesses, all of her diseases and musculoskeletal deformities vanished.  She leaped from the chair instantly and completely healed. 

Evangelistic Career

Two weeks after her healing, Betty began her career as an evangelist. She caught up on schoolwork during the day and preached every night, often to large crowds. She became one of the most prolific evangelists in the twentieth century.  For eleven years Betty traveled with Oral Roberts, preaching in his tent crusades to crowds of over ten thousand people.  She also traveled widely on her own, speaking throughout the United States and Canada.  In later years, Betty preached in foreign countries as well as the United States.  It has been said that over a million people have heard her tell the story of her healing in person.  This is surely a conservative estimate.  Countless others have either read or heard her tell her story through media. 


Betty Baxter went home to be with the Lord at age 86 in 2012.

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